Preview – Responsive Voice Recognition in Flutter

Overview The world is spinning faster today than it was only a few years ago. Companies are growing faster. Memes are going viral faster. Packages are being shipped faster. And because of all this, people have developed an expectation for responsiveness. So how can you, a mobile application developer, give them what they want? VoiceContinue reading “Preview – Responsive Voice Recognition in Flutter”

Kaggle Pipeline Hitchhike

The more work I do, the more hikes I take. As I was doing some background Machine Learning research for my Sentiment Analysis hitchhike, I fell into the Kaggle rabbit hole. I started with the Titanic competition and then moved towards the Housing Price competition and before I knew it, I was concatenating detours soContinue reading “Kaggle Pipeline Hitchhike”

Tensorflow Hitchhike

While I was working on an Android mobile application, I stumbled across the Android Developer’s Challenge. The focus of the challenge at the time (November 2019) was how on-device machine learning could help people get things done and even though my app was designed without machine learning features, I figured jamming some artificial intelligence intoContinue reading “Tensorflow Hitchhike”