A Custom Tabs Side Story

Mobile Dev Newbies Start Here If you’re new to mobile app development, I’d recommend starting with something a little less involved. I used this book to get started with Android development: Android Studio 3.4 Development Essentials – Kotlin Edition: Developing Android Apps Using Android Studio 3.4, Kotlin and Jetpack The Legend of the Bottom ToolbarContinue reading “A Custom Tabs Side Story”

Retrieving the URL from Custom Tabs in Android

Check out the full series on Custom Tabs: Using Custom Chrome Tabs in your Android App Retrieving the URL from Custom Tabs in Android A Custom Tabs Side Story: The Legend of the Bottom Toolbar In my previous article I provided an overview of Custom Tabs, or Chrome Custom Tabs, in Android. In short, thisContinue reading “Retrieving the URL from Custom Tabs in Android”

Using Custom Chrome Tabs in your Android App

Web Content in Android For the longest time, Android app developers had only two options when it came to accessing web content in their mobile applications. Use a third party app or implement a native Webview. Both of these solutions were imperfect and they forced developers to make sacrifices in the areas of performance or navigationalContinue reading “Using Custom Chrome Tabs in your Android App”

The Guide to Color Gradients in Android Studio

Adjusting the background color of your activities and fragments is one of the easiest ways to add flair to your mobile apps. A strong color palette can make a bad app okay and a good app great if applied with artistic tenderness. In this article, I’m going to explore one component of the tender artist’sContinue reading “The Guide to Color Gradients in Android Studio”

Saving Sensor Data to Internal Storage in Android

If you read my previous article on accessing sensor data in your Android app, your also probably curious about how you can analyze that data outside of the app. Perhaps you want to look for patterns in the data or track historical changes in a third party app. Whatever your reason is, its clear thatContinue reading “Saving Sensor Data to Internal Storage in Android”

No! The CubePro is NOT Obsolete!

Joseph Muller May 18 · 4 min read The CubePro Duo is a beast of a 3D printer — so much so that it almost didn’t fit in my Honda Civic. After some twisting, grunting, and heaving, I gently managed to settle the 94lb tank into the passenger seat and glide home where I was faced with the second challengeContinue reading “No! The CubePro is NOT Obsolete!”

Raspberry Pi Mediawiki Hitchhike

I have a scattered brain. So scattered that it’s essence seeps out into my every day life, into my actual organizational techniques, and before I know it, my notes are strewn across 3 small notebooks, a journal, several post-it notes, flashcards, hand drawn diagrams, and a whiteboard. Despite my attempts to herd my ideas andContinue reading “Raspberry Pi Mediawiki Hitchhike”

Kaggle Pipeline Hitchhike

The more work I do, the more hikes I take. As I was doing some background Machine Learning research for my Sentiment Analysis hitchhike, I fell into the Kaggle rabbit hole. I started with the Titanic competition and then moved towards the Housing Price competition and before I knew it, I was concatenating detours soContinue reading “Kaggle Pipeline Hitchhike”

Tensorflow Hitchhike

While I was working on an Android mobile application, I stumbled across the Android Developer’s Challenge. The focus of the challenge at the time (November 2019) was how on-device machine learning could help people get things done and even though my app was designed without machine learning features, I figured jamming some artificial intelligence intoContinue reading “Tensorflow Hitchhike”

The Beautiful SSD1331

*Post contains graphic content xD Overview Adafruit Industries’ SSD1331 organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display is an incredible little RGB screen that has quickly become my favorite in the category. I originally ordered it from HiLetgo when I was working on a watch-like device and needed a small user interface with decent resolution. The screen measuresContinue reading “The Beautiful SSD1331”